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The Alamo Pintado corridor
The Development of Honea Vineyards
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The Alamo Pintado Corridor

Honea Vineyards is located in the heart of the Santa Ynez AVA (American Viticultural Area). It is situated in a small North-South valley created by the Alamo Pintado Creek.

This unique location offers many advantages conducive to the Honea’s goal of becoming premier producers of Italian varietals, particularly those native to the Piemonte area of Northern Italy. The valley within which the Honea Vineyards are located lies crosswise between two North-South running mountain ranges – the Santa Ynez coast range to the South and the San Rafael range to the North. Each of these mountain ranges contain rivers that flow out to the Pacific Ocean. The Santa Ynez river opens to the ocean at Lompoc, whereas the San Rafael range contains the Santa Maria River which meets the Pacific at Santa Maria. The vineyard’s position between these two ranges provides benefits from both of these ocean outlets. Particularly important is the cooling effect provided by the fresh ocean air and frequent morning fog that creeps up the valley from Lompoc. The location is warmer than the more coastal Santa Rita Hills, but not as hot as the Happy Canyon area in the eastern part of the appellation. The intermediate microclimate offers the good combination of cool nights, warm days and a long growing season ideal for Italian varietals.