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Tre Colline

Tre Colline is Italian for “three hills”, and indeed that is a dynamic characteristic of the vineyard. The three hillsides on the property were chosen for planting red varietals, while the flats were planted with whites. An exception to this plan is Dolcetto, which was planted in the flats on a gravelly former river bed that seemed suitable for this particular red grape.

The two smaller hills are littered with streaks of limestone, making them ideal for premium reds and were therefore planted with Nebbiolo and Lagrein. Sangiovese was planted on the warmer south-facing slope of the larger hill, an area which is the most similar to the Tuscany region of Italy. The cooler north facing slope of this hill was planted to Barbera, as it is more similar to the Piemonte area. As low yield and low vigor are necessary to produce the required high quality, low vigor root stock was selected. All red wine grapes are grafted onto rootstock 420A, while the vines in the flats are split between Riparia Gloria and 420A.

Dolcetto Arneis Tocai Friulano Barbera Sangiovese Lagrein Pinot Grigio Merlot Muscat Canelli Nebbiolo Olive Grove